Iselborn ChiropracticDecrease probability of injuries and prevent nagging injuries by finding and fixing your weakest link. Functional Movement Screening is an innovative system used to evaluate the quality of movement patterns exposing dangerous movement in people of all ages. Corrective exercises can then be prescribed to overcome these deficiencies.

An example would be, you may have a very flexible hamstring (rear thigh) but very tight quadriceps (front thigh). Or, you may have developed very strong pectoral muscles but very weak (and tight) upper back muscles. If these problems are not corrected, greater imbalances will ultimately be developed and injury will most likely happen.
Following a corrective therapy plan based on the results of a Functional Movement Screening has been proven to:

    • Improve performance
    • Improve efficiency of movement
    • Improve movement symmetry
    • Improve balance, stability and mobility

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